They're Back from Iraq!

Received from LT Ken and Cely Williams (Ken was a PPC in VP-1 1970 - 1973):

"...My Troopers are back home, safe and sound! Carrie (dauhter-in-law) landed at Fort Campbell, KY, last Saturday morning, and Kevin (son) got in that afternoon. Fortunately, I was there to meet them. By the end of the day, I was dehydrated from all the tears. They expressed how overwhelmed and grateful they were for everyone's support and well wishes. It's been a rough year for Cecilia and me, and we want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers as well.

Of course, Kevin is my hero, but the Army thinks so too: He was awarded two separate Bronze Star Medals for combat action during his deployment.

I've attached a picture.

Ken, Carrie, Kevin, and Ron Williams

Note: Carrie came in early enough that we were able to get her home and cleaned up before Kevin arrived. If you would like to continue supporting the troops who have relieved Kevin's outfit in Iraq, as they take over the work of building up the schools, medical clinics, and other organizations in their area of responsibility, here is the address of his successor:

CPT Matt Simons

B/1-37 FA

3/2 SBCT

APO AE 09385

Bless you all.