The 2007 Branson Bash – the POPS’ 10th anniversary – was a ringing success. Weather was unseasonably warm but there were few complaints. Thanks to the efforts of Bill and Patty Johnson, Branson turned out to be an ideal location for the re-union. Branson is in the heart of the Reunion Zone and features many attractions, including the Branson Belle Showboat, the Veterans’ Museum, and an apparently endless number of supper clubs and professional stage shows.

The shows were great, the golf was first rate, and the accommodations at The Branson Grand Plaza Hotel were nice and reasonably priced. Attendees also enjoyed touring "Old Branson," including the landmark "Dick's 5&10," with its amzing collection of aircraft models and paintings.

We had nearly 130 members in attendance, and it was terrific catching up with old friends, familiar faces, and the first timers. Our VP-1 family continues to grow and friendships draw tighter.

The four day event culminated with the business meeting on Sunday. Due to an unfortunate and untimely bout with pneumonia, president Louie Taffoya was confined to bed and missed the event. The meeting went forward, led by Rich Haglund, but Louie was sorely missed by all.

The business meeting succeeded in electing new officers and selecting a reunion site for 2009. The new officers for 2007 – 2009 are:

President: Dick Haglund

Co-VPs: Gary Spees and Rick Salas

Treasurer/Secretary: Reisse Perrin

Chaplin: Carson Hunt

Members asked KB Sherman to remain Web Coordinator and, in addition, asked that he also become Newsletter Editor. KB accepted.

Thanks to all for stepping up to keep the spirit of VP-1 POPS alive.

The site selected for the 2009 reunion is San Diego, CA, and will be hosted by Jim McAllister. San Diego promises to be another great location because of its warm climate, multitude of activities, and military facilities. Thanks to Jim for the proposal and willingness to take on the next re-union.

The board met after the business meeting to discuss and arrive at the goals of the next biennia. They came up with the following:

1. More frequent newsletters. This will only be accomplished with your participation. As mentioned at the business meeting, the content of your news item is limited only by your imagination. Share your vacations, retirement, kids, grandkids, volunteer activities, etc. We want to get to know each other beyond just our military experience. Send your information to KB Sherman, 89 Adams Road, North Grafton, MA 01536;; fax 508-519-0287, for selection for publication.

2. A new updated roster with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for all members.

The Branson Bash was another Navy treasure, and it was wonderful seeing all that attended.

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