Adopted 12 August, 2003


Association – “association” as used in these by-laws shall be construed to mean the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers.

Deceased Member – a member or squadronmate who has passed away.

Eligible member – any man who was assigned to VP-1 for duty anytime between the beginning of 1969 and the end of 1974; his spouse; his ex-spouse(s) from his time of assignment in VP-1; his widow; and contractor representatives who were attached to VP-1

Eligible Voter – an eligible voter is a member-in-good-standing or spouse of a members-in-good-standing. Non-members and lapsed members may not vote on issues. If they vote, their votes will not be counted.

General Meeting – a general meeting shall be open to all members, eligible members, and their spouses. General meetings shall normally be held in conjunction with reunions. Non-members may attend general meetings but may not cast a vote on issues discussed.

Lapsed Member – a lapsed member is a person who was previously a member, but who has not paid dues for a current membership biennium. A member shall become a lapsed member on the first day of April of a new membership biennium in which his or her dues have not been paid.

Member and/or Member-in-Good-Standing – a member, also noted as a member-in-good-standing, is an eligible member whose association dues are currently paid up-to-date.

Roster – The roster is a listing of all members-in-good-standing, eligible members who have been located, and known deceased squadronmates. The association secretary shall maintain the roster and keep it current.

Special Meeting – a meeting called by an officer or committee chairman to discuss specific items of business.

Squadronmate – any man who was attached to VP-1 during the membership eligibility period.


Business affairs of the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers shall be conducted by an elected president, elected vice president, elected secretary, elected treasurer, and such appointed committee persons as deemed necessary.

The same person may fill the secretary and treasurer posts. The offices of president and vice-president shall be filled by different persons.

Election of officers shall be held at each general meeting of members. General meetings of the membership shall normally be held in conjunction with scheduled reunions.

Only male members of the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers that were assigned by the U. S. Navy to Patrol Squadron ONE for duty any time between the beginning of 1969 and the end of 1974 shall be eligible to hold the office of president or vice president.

The post of secretary and/or treasurer may be held by any member-in-good-standing, including member’s spouses.

Any eligible voter may nominate qualified persons for election to office.

All eligible voters at a meeting may vote during an election of officers. No proxy votes will be allowed.



Preside over general meetings

Attend committee meetings when possible

Appoint a chaplain

Appoint standing committee chairmen:

Newsletter editor and publisher

Membership chairman

Reunion committee chairman

Internet Information Coordinator

Appoint special committee members as necessary

Approve finance committee members nominated by the treasurer

Reconcile the association’s checkbook and monetary balances periodically

Vice President

Assume the president’s duties when necessary and required.

Assist the membership chairman with his/her duties, particularly the search for eligible members who haven’t yet been located, and contacting lapsed members concerning payment of delinquent dues.


Maintain association’s files and historical data.

Maintain the master roster, a listing of all members-in-good-standing, including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and home telephone numbers.

all eligible members that have been located, including all address data that is known; all lapsed members, including all address data that is known; all known deceased members, including date, cause, and place of death if known.

Maintain a computer file of all eligible members that haven’t yet been located, listing all known information concerning them.

Provide all new members with a copy of the current VP-1 POPs by-laws, and a copy of the master roster, either via e-mail attachment or by the mailing of a printed copy. Provide free updated e-mail attachment copies of the current roster to members upon request. Provide updated printed copies of the current roster to members and associate members upon request and payment of the currently required fee. The fee for an updated printed copy of the roster shall be set by the association treasurer and approved by the association president. Such fee shall cover the association’s cost for producing, duplicating, and mailing the roster.

Notify persons on the association roster who are not sent the association’s periodic newsletter, generally eligible members who have not joined the association and lapsed members, of association all-hands type functions, such as reunions, by mail or e-mail. This notice should be sent at least six months in advance of a scheduled event, and list: date and place of the event; cost of the event and/or its individual functions; time and date of event functions; address and phone number of whom to contact concerning the event.

Maintain a petty cash fund and periodically report expenditures from the petty cash fund to the treasurer; maintain a record of all expenditures from the petty cash fund, along with corresponding receipts; notify the treasurer when the petty cash fund needs replenishment.

Purchase necessary office supplies.

Maintain file copies of all organizational newsletters.

Maintain a file of incoming correspondence.

Prepare outgoing correspondence and maintain a computer copy of all outgoing correspondence.

Notify all interested parties concerning incoming correspondence.

Notify all officers, necessary committee members, and other interested parties concerning changes in address data of members and eligible members.

Notify the newsletter editor/publisher of all information pursuant to the periodic association newsletter.

Maintain a backup of all address lists, outgoing correspondence, and other pertinent association information, on a computer disk that is removable from the computer.

As directed, prepare meeting agenda.

Act as custodian for all association historical files, including paper files, photographs, and computer files (financial, newsletter, correspondence, etc.).


Take charge of all association funds and monies.

Be chairman of the association's finance committee.

Deposit all receipts at an appropriate financial institution.

Maintain an association checking account. Ensure that there is at least one other authorized signatory for issuing checks on the association’s checking account.

Balance all monetary accounts upon receipt of financial establishment’s statements.

Provide a petty cash fund for use by the secretary. Maintain adequate funds therein to meet planned office supply and other secretarial expenses.

Provide adequate funds to the newsletter editor/publisher for the publishing and mailing of association newsletters.

Pay all bills justly incurred by the association, its officers, and committee persons, in performance of their association duties.

Maintain a computer record of all receipts and expenditures.

Provide the president, vice president, and finance committee members with quarterly net-worth statements.

Keep backup copies of all financial records on a computer disk(s) that may be removed from the computer. Financial transactions shall be copied to a backup computer disk that is removable from the computer after any and all financial transactions.

Notify members and associate members via newsletter article, and/or other means, when membership dues payments are due.

Collect and deposit all dues payments maintaining accurate records of such payments.

Notify the president, vice president, secretary, and membership chairman of any members that have not paid their required association membership dues by 1 April of any even numbered year. (These persons shall become “lapsed members” at that time).


Publicly invoke the blessing of our Supreme Commander at the commencement on an association reunion or other official event.

At the end of an association reunion, publicly request that our Supreme Commander guide and watch-over all our squadronmates, and their families.

During an association memorial “bell” ceremony publicly state the names of all deceased squadronmates.

Send appropriate greetings to sick or injured squadron mates. Send appropriate condolences to surviving family members when notified of the death of a squadronmate or spouse.

Submit to the newsletter editor/publisher, for publication in an association newsletter, information concerning squadronmates, and/or their spouses, illnesses, incapacitation, or death.

Notify widows of members-in-good-standing that they remain members of the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers until the current membership expires. Also, that they may remain members of VP-1 POPs by the payment of future membership dues assessments. When performing this function the Chaplain shall remind widows that they should keep the Association Secretary appraised of their current mailing address, phone number(s), and e-mail address(es) .

When a known occasion arises, speak with squadron mates, spouses, and/or widows who are in need of spiritual uplift.

Maintain a record of expenditures in the performance of official duties. Such expenditures shall be periodically reported to the Association Treasurer. The Treasurer shall reimburse the Chaplain for his/her out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the performance of official association Chaplain duties.


Reunion Committee Chairperson

coordinate the organization of a reunion for the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers when, and where selected by a majority of eligible voters at a general meeting.

appoint assistant reunion committee members as deemed necessary.

appoint a reunion publicity committee that shall:

Send, in ample time for opportune publication, to appropriate print and/or broadcast media, announcements concerning the association’s upcoming scheduled reunion.

Coordinate with the association’s Internet Information Coordinator concerning the posting of reunion announcements and/or information on the internet.

appoint a reunion finance committee that shall::

collect necessary monies from prospective reunion attendees.

collect fees in advance for reunion events such as dinners, picnics, brunches, dances, sightseeing trips, excursions, etc.

maintain accurate records concerning whom has paid for what reunion functions.

as necessary, provide other reunion committee members with an accurate listing of paid reunion attendees and what events these persons have paid for.

pay all bills incurred concerning the reunion.

make a final report of all receipts and expenditures concerning the reunion to the reunion committee chairman, with a copy to the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

turn over to the reunion committee chairman all reunion monies remaining after payment of all reunion expenses.

turn over any reunion funds remaining after payment of all bills to the association treasurer for deposit in the association’s financial institution.

report any significant lessons learned concerning the recent reunion to the association president and the next reunion committee chairman.

Newsletter Editor and Publisher

appoint assistant newsletter committee members as deemed necessary.

compile, edit, and publish a newsletter three times per year (approximately every four months).

send, via first class U. S. mail, a copy of an association newsletter to each association member-in-good-standing. On occasion, when approved by the president, send a newsletter to all persons on the current association roster, members or not.

provide the secretary a copy of each newsletter for the association’s historical files.

maintain receipts of expenditures incurred in publishing and mailing newsletters for forwarding to the treasurer.

solicit stories, anecdotes, tales of significant events, photos, and so forth, from squadronmates and their spouses for publication in the association newsletter.

Membership Committee Chairperson

appoint assistant membership committee members as deemed necessary.

contact lapsed members concerning payment of their dues and reinstatement of their membership.

actively search for men that were assigned to VP-1 during the years 1969 through 1974 who have not yet been located.

notify all association officers and the newsletter editor/publisher whenever a new eligible member is located.

maintain records of expenditures incurred in the performance of official duties. Periodically submit requests for reimbursement of expenses to the association treasurer.

Steering committee(s)

The president may appoint members, and/or their spouses, to serve on a steering committee as deemed necessary. Such steering committee members shall act in an advisory capacity, providing expertise and information as necessary. They shall report to the president advising him concerning various choices of actions that may be taken.

Finance Committee

The chairman of the finance committee shall be the association treasurer.

The finance committee shall be comprised of the association treasurer and a member or members appointed by the treasurer and approved by the president. Minimum membership of the financial committee shall be two members, the association treasurer and one appointed member. This committee may have more than two members. The association treasurer and at least one other member of the finance committee shall:

be authorized to sign checks drawn on the association’s checking account.

be authorized to transact association financial business at the association’s financial institution.

Internet Information Coordinator

appoint assistant committee members as deemed necessary

periodically check internet sites where information concerning the association is known to be posted, or could be posted. Ensure that posted data concerning the association is correct and up-to-date.

correct or delete any bogus information found on the internet concerning the association.

maintain a listing of all internet sites where association information appears.

coordinate with the reunion publicity chairman in publicizing reunion information on the internet.


General Business Meeting

A general business meeting shall be held at each reunion. All reunion attendees shall be invited to attend this meeting.

A meeting agenda shall be prominently posted prior to any general meeting.

A quorum at a general business meeting shall consist of ten (10) association members-in-good-standing.

All eligible voters, and only eligible voters, may vote concerning issues brought forth at a general business meeting. No proxy votes shall be allowed.

Election of association officers, consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, shall be held at each general business meeting. This vote may be conducted by voice vote, hand count, or secret ballot, at the discretion of the presiding officer.

At general business meetings eligible voters present shall determine where and when the next association reunion will be held. This reunion vote may be by voice vote, hand count, or secret ballot, at the discretion of the presiding officer.

Persons or groups offering/nominating a location for a reunion must have an association member-in-good-standing willing to assume the duties of reunion committee chairman if their location is selected.

After the time and place of a future reunion has been determined, the association president shall appoint a reunion committee chairman to see to the organization of that reunion.


Payment of dues shall be required for membership in the association.

Dues for association membership shall be set by the Treasurer and approved by the President and Vice President. Dues shall be payable every other year, at the beginning of each even-numbered year.

The amount of association dues may be changed by vote of members-in-good-standing at a general meeting.

Members shall be required to remit their dues payment to the association treasurer at the beginning of each even numbered year. This biannual payment will cover dues for the biennium of that even numbered year and the following odd numbered year.

To maintain membership in the association one must remit dues by March 30th of any even numbered year. Members not paying their biannual association dues by this date shall be considered lapsed members, and their names shall be removed from the newsletter mailing list. The secretary shall indicate their lapsed status on the master roster.

Those joining the association, or reinstating their membership (lapsed members), in an even number year shall remit the full dues amount, unless the dues are being paid during the fourth quarter of an even numbered calendar year. This full payment will satisfy their dues obligation for that even numbered year and for the following odd numbered year.

If joining or reinstating during the fourth quarter of an even numbered calendar year, new or reinstated members shall be required to remit only 50% of the full dues amount. This 50% fourth-quarter payment, will satisfy their dues obligation until the end of the following odd numbered year.

If joining or reinstating membership during an odd numbered year members shall be required to remit 50% of the full dues amount, unless they are joining or reinstating membership after June 30th of the odd numbered year. This 50% dues payment will satisfy their dues obligation until the end of that odd numbered year.

Those joining the association or reinstating membership on July 1st or later in an odd numbered calendar year shall remit the full dues amount for the next biennium. This payment will satisfy their dues obligation for the remainder of the odd numbered year of payment, and for the next biennium, (both the following even and odd numbered calendar years).


These association by-laws were originally drafted and approved by association officers in February 2001. They were deemed in-force as of 1 March 2001. Since that time association officers have made necessary minor changes and additions.

To be officially accepted as the VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers By-Laws these by-laws must be approved by a majority of eligible voters at the next association general business meeting, scheduled to be held in September 2003 at Millington, Tennessee,

These Association by-laws may be temporarily changed, revised, and/or updated as deemed necessary by unanimous approval of association officers. Such by-law change, to remain permanently in force, must be approved by a majority of eligible voters at the next general business meeting

These Association by-laws, after adoption in September 2003, may be permanently changed only by approval of a majority of eligible voters at a general business meeting.