The VP-1 P-3 Orion Pioneers consists of people who were a part of Patrol Squadron ONE between the beginning of 1969 to the end of 1974. Persons who were attached to the squadron anytime during that period are eligible for membership including widows, ex-spouses, and tech reps. Membership keeps one on the active mailing list. Paid up members of the group receive the VP-1 POPS newsletters.

VP-1 POPS members reside in every part of our vast nation. All living C.O.s and X.O.s of the specified time frame are members. We currently have over 500 names and addresses on our VP-1 POPS roster. Sadly, over 70 of the men listed on the roster are deceased, and the number is ever increasing. There are still over 400 VP-1 squadron mates from the 1969 1974 era that have yet to be found. If you know the location of someone that was a part of VP-1 during 1969 1974 please notify the Membership Chairman or one of the officers.

Collection of a membership fee was begun in early 1998 when the group was formally organized. Many squadron mates also donated money to the organization, over and above their required membership fee, to get the organization started on a solid financial footing. Our association funds are used for publishing and distributing periodic newsletters, payment of routine office and administrative expenses, and to defray costs incurred searching for our many, as yet, unfound squadron mates. All our association officers and committee persons serve voluntarily. No one is paid for their efforts or time.


To join the P-3 Orion Pioneers contact the Membership Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer. Upon your joining you will be sent a copy of the master roster containing the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all your squadron mates from the 1969 1974 era that have been located. This roster also indicates those that are VP-1 POPS members in-in-good-standing, and the names of squadron mates known to have passed away. On the active mailing list you will be sent future newsletters and any other pertinent information concerning the group.

Current membership dues are $15.00 for a two year cycle. Biennial VP-1 POPS dues are assessed at the beginning of each even numbered year. Dues payments are now being accepted by the VP-1 POPS Treasurer for the 2007 2009 biennium.