2011 Reunion: San Antonio!

February 2011 Update

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All that attended the San Diego reunion were treated to a wonderful experience. The property was like you would have seen in Hawaii. Our hosts, Silky Mac, Pete Drees and Charlie Budenz did an outstanding job. The duty office was well stocked with libations and the memorabilia display was unique. Many items displayed have not been seen since Cam Rahn days. Much to see and do for many of us that haven’t been West for a number of years. The format at the Sat night dinner was different with many shipmates invited to speak. A great meal and a good time enjoyed by all. Again thank you to all that had a part in putting together the reunion. Ya’ll done good!

We are looking forward to San Antonio, Texas, in 2011. Our hosts will be Fred Conkle, Fred and Fenina Fink. The emails have been flying back and forth. Much discussion has already occurred and I expect we will have another outstanding reunion. Several former shipmates in the area have volunteered to help so start your planning to attend. Early indications are to expect a large turnout. Send Frank an email and let him know you plan to attend. Reunions are tough to plan and develop while working in a vacuum.