From: Tom Vanderhorst []
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 5:55 PM
To: 'Ken Sherman'
Subject: KB - Update for you from June Coleman - Tom Vanderhorst

Hi you'll!  Hope this finds all well and enjoying their grandchildren ,as thy grow up so fast.  Our oldest,Lauren, is now 21 and our youngest is 14.  We don't have anymore babies, and how I miss them.
Tex is not doing so great.  He fell in Mar. and fractured a vertebra, They fixed it by shooting  substance ,we call cement, Into the vertebra to pump it back upand that did wonders for him.  His breatahing is much worse so he is on oxygen at home now aand uses a walker,  He is so unsteady on his feet.  They suspect he may have Parkinsons Disease so he has an appointment July 11 with a neurologlist.  As for me I am still going strong but do feel my age at times.  I have some great friends that I go and do things with, not as great as you guys though.  So goes the days in the lives of June and Tex Coleman.
This is realy just to let you know that as of June our e-mail address will be  .
Love to all,  June